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    Below is the full list of our released add-on and their status when XenForo 2 is officially released. Some add-ons are in "on hold" status which means they are not priority and may get updated some time (much) later. For those that will be updated, lots of work is required and we don't have estimated time frame of new releases yet. Since XF2 release date is still unknown, the add-on updates may not come out fast enough but we will try to provide timely release.

    • [bd] API alpha version
    • [bd] API Consumer: on hold
    • [bd] Alerts: will be updated for XF2
    • [bd] Anonymous Posting: on hold
    • [bd] Attachment Store
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    With the new release of [bd] Push Notification add-on, XFROCKS.COM now allows you to push alerts to an Android, iOS, Google Chrome, Firefox, Windows device nearby (such a mouthful). To do this, head to this page and click "Associate with Pushbullet" to start the process. You will be able to select which device to receive the push (or all devices!). And just like our Pushover integration, you can still choose to disable some alerts as needed.

    I have used the Pushbullet app for Android for sometimes now and it is awesome. It even lets you…
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    • Two way user sync
    • Two way post sync
    • Two way comment sync
    This guide is suitable for site with existing WordPress installation and want to integrate XenForo as a forum solution. Also, it is suitable for site with existing XenForo installation and want to integrate WordPress as a portal solution. The WordPress XenForo bridge consists of a WordPress plugin and a XenForo add-on, both were developed by the team at https://xfrocks.com
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    The PHP Runtime for Google App Engine is currently in Preview and we have been able to make XenForo work perfectly in App Engine without any core file edits (one additional add-on is required). We will try to describe the steps clearly but before starting, you may want to get yourself comfortable with GAE:
    The GAE helper add-on is available for Webmaster here.

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    Để ủng hộ anh em trong nước có nhiều khó khăn trong việc thanh toán trên mạng, không có thẻ thanh toán hoặc không lập được tài khoản PayPal. Nhiều người làm diễn đàn là theo sở thích, ít có điều kiện thu hồi chi phí, khó đăng quảng cáo của các hệ thống lớn, .v.v. Ban quản trị XFROCKS.COM sẽ giảm ngay 50% đối với tất cả các add-ons/gói nâng cấp của hệ thống cho các bạn có nhu cầu thanh toán thông qua chuyển khoản nội địa. Điều kiện duy nhất là các bạn phải có giấy phép sử dụng (license) của XenForo.

    Quy trình thanh toán:
    1. Đăng ký tài khoản tại https://xfrocks.com
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    Hi guys,

    It has been a long time since I started releasing add-ons for xenForo. It started as a hobby and grew from there through difficult times of the community and also mine. (Most of) my add-ons are free but as things grow, providing support takes more and more time and prevented me from working on further development. That's the reason for this small experiment:

    1. My add-ons will still be released for free at xenforo.com.
    2. However, support will be provided here at xfrocks.com*. The site doesn't require registration to browse FAQ, download example, etc. but to request support or ask question, you will have to get the Webmaster badge via Account Upgrades.