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Discussion in '[bd] Medal System' started by Nirjonadda, May 29, 2017.

  1. Nirjonadda

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    How to show Icon center in Sidebar Visitor Panel?

  2. Nirjonadda

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    Also how to showing "Awards User" in /help/medals page?
  3. xfrocks

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    I'm currently away from work but adapting the code in template "bdmedal_message_medals" should work, you can try to put something like this in the visitor panel template:

    <xen:callback class="bdMedal_Helper_Template"
    'awardDateTemplate={xen:raw $awardDateTemplate}',
    'imageSize={xen:property bdMedal_messageImageSize}',
    'max={xen:property bdMedal_messageMax}'
    <a href="{link}"
    class="OverlayTrigger Tooltip"
    data-offsetX="{xen:calc '-{xen:helper bdMedal_imageSize, {xen:property bdMedal_messageImageSize}}'}"
    data-offsetY="{xen:calc '{xen:helper bdMedal_imageSize, {xen:property bdMedal_messageImageSize}} / -2'}"
    style="display: inline-block">{medalImage}</a>
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    @xfrocks how to showing "Awards User" in /help/medals page?

    Can done adding any CSS code to EXTRA.css for center?
    1. xfrocks

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      xfrocks @Nirjonadda You meant you want to award user on the help page?
    2. Nirjonadda

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      Nirjonadda @xfrocks Awarded Users are not showing on my site.