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Discussion in 'Other' started by semprot, May 23, 2017.

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    When using the add on, i notice the "From" of the email is : "xenforo@my.domain.com".

    I suggest the "From" should be the same as contact us email.

    I modified /public_html/library/bdMails/Transport/Mailgun.php : line 90.


    $request['from'] = $this->bdMails_validateFromEmail($request['from']);

    $request['from'] = 'something@domain.com';
    Other suggestion, when i switched the "Provider" setting of bd mails from "Mailgun" to "Default", the "Mailgun" API key & Domain setting should not be erased.

    Because i switched between mailgun to default & vice versa several times during tesing.

    Bug report : "Bounced Email Processing" does not seem to work.
    Because the "Return-path" in mail header looks like this :
    Return-Path: <bounce+7ea4bb.8b5f29-MYDOMAIN.com=gmail.com@mailer.MYDOMAIN.com>
    Or should i change something in my Mailgun account setting?

    Thank you.
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    If your contact email is with the configured Mailgun domain then it will be used. (e.g. your Mailgun domain is testing.domain.com, your contact address should be noreply@testing.domain.com or similar). If the add-on detects a different domain, it will use xenforo@...

    Bounced email processing will be disabled and handled by email provider (Mailgun in your case).
    1. semprot

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      semprot @xfrocks Yes, my mailgun subdomain is "mailer.semprot.com".
      But i don't want the "From" to be "@mailer.semprot.com", because MX record of "mailer" is set to mailgun server.
      Therefore, if someone replies the email, the email will go to @mailer.semprot.com, and i can't read it.

      Therefore i want the "From" to be "@semprot.com", which the MX record is pointed to google apps.
  3. semprot

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    Also this
    Thank you :)