Bug IPN details in the Stripe dashboard do not provide any information

Discussion in '[bd] Paygates' started by alfa1, Nov 19, 2017.

  1. alfa1

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    I encountered an issue with Stripe Paygate:

    I frequently receive chargebacks and Stripe asks me to provide evidence. However, the IPN details in the Stripe dashboard do not provide any information about which member the payment relates to or even which Account Upgrade. Often is impossible to respond to the claim. I cannot even remove the account upgrade from the xenforo account nor contact the person because I don't know which member it concerns.

    I am not sure if this is caused by the bd Paygate or not. I wonder if an update is needed.
  2. xfrocks

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    Sorry to hear that, chargebacks should not happen that often I think?

    Anyway, it should be possible to find the related transaction in the log by the transaction time. You can't jump to a specific date but going page by page should be sufficient. If there are multiple transactions in the same day, each log entry does record the transaction ID which should match the data in your dashboard. I understand that's a bit involved but it should work?
  3. alfa1

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    Chargebacks almost never happen, but in the last week I had 2. One was for $100 which is a lot.
    What I don't understand is that I do not have a $100 Account Upgrade. I only have Euro account upgrades.
    There is no recorded transaction on that date.
    The transaction ID in Stripe does not match anything in XF.
    The transaction lists this url: /bdpaygate/callback.php?p=stripe
    But there is no information about what the account name or account upgrade was.
  4. xfrocks

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    That sounds bad. Does Stripe notifies you when a new payment is approved? Or a daily email for the day's transactions? The URL is the one for this add-on but all actions should be logged and it does not charge a card $100 without an associated user upgrade etc.

    Can you find the transaction in Stripe dashboard? It should be there. Also, can you provide me full information regarding that transaction provided by Stripe dashboard?
  5. alfa1

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    Yes, I will send you the details.
    I now see that there are more payments that are not getting registered in Account Upgrades, but are in Stripe.