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Discussion in '[bd] API' started by misteraven, Aug 5, 2016.

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    Hello xFrocks,

    We upgraded to XF 1.5.9 today and have noted that suddenly the discussion links result in a 500 error. I've noted this on all themes, both custom (from various developers) as well as the default XF theme. Odd thing is that the URL is identical and that when not logged in you can see the pages fine. Once logged in, suddenly the same pages are blank.

    Any suggestions?

    Using XF 1.5.9
    BD API : 1.4.7
    Xenforo API Consumer: 1.3.2

    Please email me or hit me up on Skype if you need credentials.


    Allen / 12ozProphet
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    Hi there,

    Which discussion link are you having problem with? The one in blog posts?
  3. misteraven

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  4. misteraven

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    Appears fixed thanks to some assistance from Multidots. Apparently it was a syntax error in one of the XF files (extra bracket). Unsure how this could be, but did have some minor issues with the upload due to what I think is a bug with Transmit FTP client. In any case, appears fixed, but will test further.