How to setup XF - XF user synchronization?

Discussion in '[bd] API' started by alfa1, Jan 1, 2018.

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    I have installed bd API on site A and bd API consumer on site B.
    On site A I have Enable CORS and Restrict Access. I added a client, with key & secret and whitelisted the URL of site B.
    What should I fill in for redirect URL?

    On site B I added key and secret. Enabled auto register and auto login. Nothing else.

    Site A has 250k users. Site B has 200k users which were imported from site A.
    I want to get the additional 50k users from site A into site B.
    I want the accounts in site B updated with the password information of site A.
    I don't need anything else to be passed from site A to B.

    How do I proceed?
    Do I need to do anything with tokens or auth codes?

    How does the system handle similar accounts?
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    After setting up, you are done. Once the users visit the site they will be connected automatically (as configured with auto register + auto login). For better UX, you can edit the API client on site A AdminCP, and check the box for auto authorize READ + POST scopes. Only do this if both site A and site B is under your control, it basically means site A will trust site B to not misuse its users' data.

    If you disable registration on B, you can use auto register with id sync. Otherwise, just use the normal auto register and it should be fine. In case of conflict, user will be asked to create a new account on B manually (auto registration failure).
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    That is much better!
  4. alfa1

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    Do both sites need to be on the same server?
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      xfrocks @alfa1 Nope. That's not required.
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    Thats amazing. Thank you for all the amazing addons you provide!
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