Issue Installing XF/WP bridge

Discussion in 'WordPress' started by Ranger375, Mar 2, 2014.

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  1. xfrocks

    xfrocks XenForo rocks!
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    That means the URL is wrong or key/secret is incorrect. Or simply because you are not running latest [bd] API add-on.
  2. Kerrlander

    Kerrlander New Member

    I am running API verison: 1.2.1/1
    The latest WP and Xenforo 1.3

    When I type the URL into a browser I get the following message:
    {"errors":["You do not have permission to view this page or perform this action."],

    Does that help at all?
  3. xfrocks

    xfrocks XenForo rocks!
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    What is the URL that you are using?
  4. xfrocks

    xfrocks XenForo rocks!
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  5. LessZoa

    LessZoa New Member

    #26 LessZoa, Oct 20, 2014
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    XF- 1.3.0
    WP 3.6.1
    API 1.2.1b
    WordPress Plugin: XenForo API Consumer 1.1.0

    This for websites: <->

    WP side displays "Unable to determine API version." and cannot map forums to categories. Yet when I go to API url, I get what is expected (no errors).

    This after migrating servers, and I think it is related to permissions so we are going over all directories, again.

    Will update with progress.

    *edited with full report - sowwy*
  6. xfrocks

    xfrocks XenForo rocks!
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    For API version error, you may need to check client key and secret too. Make sure there are no extra spaces etc.?
  7. LessZoa

    LessZoa New Member

    check that more times than I can count.
    Server is having permissions issues - still debugging that.
  8. xfrocks

    xfrocks XenForo rocks!
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    Please start a conversation with me with your API server details + client key/secret. I will help you debug it.
  9. LessZoa

    LessZoa New Member

    sent - thank you.