Some problmes with xenforo api consumer

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    I have some problems with xenforo api consumer v1.3.5, actually I tried every options and I've read all of the guides but at the end I couldn't resolve the issues.

    According to instruction first of all I added a client, so XF and WP are connected together and all of the settings are visible.

    1. The user number 1 which is admin in XF and WP cant login through WP.
    2. XenForo Admin Account on configuration tab is disabled and doesnt show any ID. also on WP user profile under Connected Account there isnt any user, there is a hyperlink which shows a phrase "Connect to an account " if you click on, you will go to lading page of WP and login bar will appear.
    connnecter account.JPG


    login process is random for users, sometimes they can and sometimes it wont happen. another strange thing that happens regularly is when a user logged in to WP some of URLs will not open or it takes ages while if you be log out they will open without any problem.

    login is impossible when you are not in landing page, it wont happen.

    login sync options:

    after login in WP if you go to forum you are not login there, and you have to input your account information again, its true vice versa.

    sometimes after logging out from WP, login form will appear and the page will refresh again and again till you stop the page.

    Would you please look at my problems?


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    Sorry for your problems., we will need to solve one problem at a time...

    Regarding point 2 of yours, it seems like the connect link does not work. It's probably a conflict with some other plugin. Can you give your WordPress version, XenForo version and preferably a list of activated WordPress plugins?
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    thanks for you attention

    WordPress 4.7.2
    XenForo 1.5.9

    I have to mention that Xenforo is on a sub domain and Wordpress is on root



    Active plugins:

    Advanced Custom Fields
    Advanced noCaptcha reCaptcha
    AMY Slider for Visual Composer
    ARVE Advanced Responsive Video Embedder
    AWSM Team Pro
    Contact Form 7
    Google Analytics Dashboard for WP
    Image Watermark
    Instant Comment Validation
    Multipage Plugin
    Oomph Hidden Tags
    Post Views Counter
    Remove Category URL
    Same Category Posts
    String Locator
    The Grid
    TinyMCE Advanced
    User Role Editor
    Visual Sidebar Editor
    W3 Total Cache
    WPBakery Visual Composer
    XenForo API Consumer
    Yoast SEO
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    Did you review my problem?