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Discussion in '[bd] API' started by beanfan78, Jul 4, 2016.

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    I hate asking or posting this but I really have no idea what this does. I have read everything that there was a link to. I successfully set it up without any issues. I have additional questions though and it kind of sucks because I am a visual learner. I will try to keep the questions basic. If you give me the answers I am happy to create a basic FAQ for people like me.
    • Am I suppose to create an API connection for each usergroup in Xenforo?
    • Am I suppose to create a guest account in Xenforo?
    • Is this simply for login purposes?
    • I am using this to connect the plugins Calendarize It and FSQM Pro plugins in Wordpress.
    • If these are stupid questions please forgive me. I am not a coder.
    • Is there a truly basic page that clearly defines the advantages of this addon?
    • Can I help write a better FAQ that reduces many questions?
    • Is this for noobs and script kiddies?
    • Am I over my head in this but accidentally did it right by following instructions?
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    No. API connection are for WordPress account and XenForo account, not user groups. And yes, the bridge (WordPress plugin + XenForo addon) should create account connections for all accounts, depending on your configuration of course.
    Generally yes if you allow guest comment on WordPress. Otherwise you don't need that one.
    No. It handles post/comment sync too.
    Those plugins are not supported at the moment.
    Hmm, the description page should list its features. Also, everything is configured in the WordPress option page so it should give you an idea what it does too.
    Yes, please do.
    It's quite easy to get up and running so... yes?
    I'm not sure if this is a question. Hmm.
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    The last one was a trick question. The answer is yes. I am slowly grasping it. It's okay if those 2 plugins are not supported. I am not using them in a way the API would help. I am setting forms, surveys, and calendar events on WP. It was easy to setup and I truly appreciate that fast response. You must be close to my timezone here in Korea.
    1. xfrocks

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      xfrocks @beanfan78 Support for other plugins are quite simple to do (if you know what you are doing, of course).
      And yeah, looks like we are only 2 hours apart ;)
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      beanfan78 @xfrocks I don't know what I am doing, but I try anyways. Eventually I will learn :)