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    Hi all,

    1. Is there a way to align the medals in the postbit like the attached file please, just got the paid trophy enhancement so want to get this sorted.

    2. Anyway to show the description on hovering the medal rather than the medal title?

    3. Is there anyway to hide the categories from the medals page on the help part so only the medals show, not the trophy/category title/description.

    4. In bdmedal_help_index_extra I can edit the link to awards instead of medals but where else does this need to be altered so the URL is help/awards and NOT help/medals.


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    1. You should be able to do that with CSS.
    2. You will need to do template edit for that.
    3. You mean you want all the medals to list without category headers at all? If you just want to hide those headers, use CSS.
    4. You can use XenForo route filter for that.