[bd] Attachment Store -- bug fix 20130909

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    Attached in this post is a small add-on to fix a problem with [bd] Attachment Store v0.9.12 (option maintaining filename). It's highly recommended to update to v0.9.12b as soon as possible to avoid this problem.

    After installing it, you will have one new rebuilder in AdminCP > Tools > Rebuild Caches. Run it to start fixing. The fix will revert the bugged attachment to use its old filename (the coded one, not the nice filename). It also deletes the incorrect thumbnail to save storage space. It's important to note that the fix only works with external data mode.

    For more information: http://xenforo.com/community/posts/631534

    [bd] Attachment Store [Paid]

    Oh wait it's not a false alarm if I'm getting a server error though. Maybe it was just a fluke. Keep an eye on it then :D

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