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    Q: For some reason I do not always receive email alerts when someone is posting into a watched forum. For instance I may have 3 emails I receive but when I check the forums, there are actually 5 new posts. Is there anything I can do to make sure I receive an email every time something is posted into a watched forum?
    A: Not all replies will trigger notification email, the add-on behaves exactly like the built-in Thread Watch functionality: only send out alerts once for each thread until you come and read the thread again. If you wish to receive notification for all replies, enable the option "Always Notify About New Reply" in AdminCP > Home > Options > [bd] Forum Watch:
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    Q: I have the "Always Notify About New Reply" option set. All my boards are set to Watch. But very frequently these days I don't get the messages about new posts.

    A: There are some cases that notification won't be sent out:
    • Message is not visible after posting (moderated or similar)
    • Thread is not visible at the time of reply
    • Notification has already been sent out (quote or thread watch -- if user set the option to automatically watch thread upon reply, thread watch will override forum watch and may prevent sending alerts/emails)
    • The poster is in ignore list of subscriber
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    Q: Is there an easy way to disable or move the "Watched Forums" tab on the navigation bar?
    A: You can remove the content of template "forumwatch_navigation_tabs_forums".