[bd] Push Notification 2.1.1b

Mobile push notification with Pushover and Pushbullet

  1. Oscar

    Oscar New Member

    Hello... i cant do this addon work... i generate token key, id and secret but nothing... could you help me?

    There is a textbox called allowed_origin, and i don know what i have to put in therre... maybe is this the problem?
    1. xfrocks

      xfrocks XenForo rocks!
      Staff Member

      xfrocks @Oscar Which provider do you want to setup, Pushover or Pushbullet? They are a bit different during setup.
  2. Oscar

    Oscar New Member

    I dont know...but i think that the pushbullet is the best option, because of this:

    How much does Pushover cost?

    Short answer: For individuals, after a 7-day free trial, it costs $4.99 USD once, per-platform (iOS, Android, Desktop), to use on as many of your own devices1 on that platform as you want. There are no monthly or yearly fees and you can receive as many notifications as you want.

    Long answer: As an end-user receiving push notifications, our iOS, Android, and Desktop clients are free to try for 7 days. After 7 days, you'll need to purchase a $4.99 USD license for each platform you wish to use it on. Once you've licensed a particular platform, you can use it on as many of your own devices that you personally use1 with no additional recurring fees. For example, once you make an in-app purchase in our iOS app on your iPhone, you can also use it on your iPad without having to pay again. If you also want to use it on your Android tablet, you would need to purchase an additional license for Android.
  3. Oscar

    Oscar New Member

    Hello... could you please tell me something about the question above. Thank you.. :)