[bd] Social Share [Paid] 2.3.0

XenForo gets social.

  1. overhere

    overhere New Member

    but where is the demo of this mod here? Where can I test the both the Twitter & Facebook social functions of this mod here?
  2. PhantomOfNyx

    PhantomOfNyx New Member

    Seeing the XI blog pretty much stopped development, is there any chance this will cover "better blogs" instead?
  3. biarritz64

    biarritz64 New Member

    When a user post to facebook,
    it show the wrong image (it show the image of an ad)

    i have my og:image set correctly

    What can i do?
  4. biarritz64

    biarritz64 New Member

    i would like to have the box checked by default for connected members
    how can i do that

  5. titocento

    titocento New Member

    hi @xfrocks, i just bought and setup your app, 2 very useful feature requests

    1. connect to www.bufferapp.com (which would allow to connect to a lot of social networks and publish in pages and groups apart from profiles)

    2. connect to linkedin groups. Now i publish threads at hand, but we get a lot of traffic from there. And it seems it's normal as i've seen on industry reports, linkedin work wonders if your forum is related to the groups, much better than twitter, facebook or g+

  6. biarritz64

    biarritz64 New Member


    i have a forum where threads have to be approuved by moderator, can you add this to your mod "share when thread need to be approuved" (this is on this forum that i have the best content)

    thank you
  7. dohoafx

    dohoafx New Member

    I want facebook check box is enabled, then it is always off now, users have to turn, how to check it automated?

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  8. Rahstyles

    Rahstyles New Member

    This is not working at all.. I click facebook.. and i dont see my post on my timeline..
  9. dohoafx

    dohoafx New Member

    yes , i have install it, not working , and never support
  10. Rahstyles

    Rahstyles New Member

    There has been some problem publishing your share recently. Click here to try again or dismiss.
  11. xfrocks

    xfrocks XenForo rocks!
    Staff Member

    After a successful share, the box will stay checked (until user uncheck it).
  12. xfrocks

    xfrocks XenForo rocks!
    Staff Member

    I have replied to your conversation ;)
  13. xfrocks

    xfrocks XenForo rocks!
    Staff Member

    Thank you, very good suggestion :)
  14. xfrocks

    xfrocks XenForo rocks!
    Staff Member

    This feature is in the to do list :)
  15. xfrocks

    xfrocks XenForo rocks!
    Staff Member

    You can test it here :)
  16. xfrocks

    xfrocks XenForo rocks!
    Staff Member

    Probably your og:image is too small? Facebook requires it to be 200x200 at least.
  17. Creaky

    Creaky New Member

    #237 Creaky, Aug 25, 2014
    Last edited: Aug 25, 2014
    I want to change the way the twitter shares look, I assume I can do this with the templates but not sure which one.

    I have been using RSS feeds to autopost to twitter which showed like this
    Currently tweets from this show like this
    Which template do I need to edit to get something similar to the old version of tweets. This would be for auto tweets and user selected tweets for new threads only, replies are fine as they are.
  18. Forum Lover

    Forum Lover New Member

    How to fix it @xfrocks?
  19. xfrocks

    xfrocks XenForo rocks!
    Staff Member

    You can edit template "bdsocialshare_user_text_thread_auto", make it like this:

    {xen:helper threadPrefix, $thread, escaped}{xen:raw $thread.title}: {xen:raw $snippet}
    Have you tried to click "click here".
  20. Forum Lover

    Forum Lover New Member

    I am getting back to you, let me check "click here" again?

    Oftopic, long time no see man!! Will you be regular now?