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Discussion in '[bd] Forum Watch' started by Floyd R Turbo, Nov 25, 2015.

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    Upgraded my account, I am hoping to 1) get a question answered and 2) depending on the answer, possibly have some development done

    First, the question has been asked several times, is this XF1.5 compatible? It seems to be. I just upgraded to 1.5.2 and installed 2.1.1b and configured it, and played around with it and I found that it's not quite what I was expecting.

    1) It seems that the "Always Notify About New Reply" is a global option: all user groups will receive emails about every message posted in every forum they watch (whether they choose to, or are forced to). Do I have this right?

    2) the Group Watch Forum then forces a usergroup to watch a particular forum. So this is a separate function from #1 above. All it does, if a user is in the selected user group, is make it so they cannot choose whether or not to watch the selected forum.

    So if I have this correct, then I cannot do what I thought I could do with this addon

    What I would like to do is this:

    Certain users were used to the old forum software (DNN or DotNetNuke, don't ask why) which sent out an email for every reply to every thread and/or forum that you were "subscribed" to (watching). So if you simply went and clicked on every sub-forum and "subscribed"/watched them all, you would literally get an email for every single post made - everywhere...regardless of whether or not you visited the forum, ever. Thing is, some people really liked this and I was hoping to be able to bring this function back for users that wanted it.

    This can actually be accomplished with this addon globally by making a set of Group Watch Forums, all for the same User Group (in my case, I called it "Get All Emails Group"), for every forum, and then assigning someone to that User Group, and turning on "Always Notify About New Reply". However, then the "Always Notify About New Reply" also applies to everyone else, but just for the forums they watch.

    So what I really want to be able to do, is give someone the option of "Always Notify About New Reply", just for them.

    Possibly, I would assign a particular User Group (like "Get All Emails Group") which, if you were a member of that, would mean that you would get all emails for every post made, everywhere. The idea being here that the "Always Notify" check box ONLY applies to anyone (group) configured in the Group Forum Watch section of ACP, instead of globally.

    Is this possible?
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    I see your point. And yes, the "always notify" is currently a global option. If you want that option to be configurable for each user group (instead of globally), it will require some custom development. I have started a conversation with you to discuss this.