Strange issue with Cache

Discussion in 'Other' started by ItsiAdam, Apr 4, 2017.

  1. ItsiAdam

    ItsiAdam New Member

    I've installed [bd] Cache and it's worked great. However some users are reporting that the page will load like this for them:
    I'm not personally getting the issue, however 5-10 people have reported it. I've temporarily disabled the add-on and that appears to have fixed the issue for them.
    Any idea what's up with it?

  2. xfrocks

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    Looks like the css doesn't work correctly. Do you remember how you configured the add-on before it was disabled? Also, do you use XenForo feature to load template from files?
  3. ItsiAdam

    ItsiAdam New Member

    It appears to have just fixed itself, oh well. I was just using the default settings.
    Thank you.
  4. ItsiAdam

    ItsiAdam New Member

    Issue has hit again after moving to OVH. Same situation as before, no modifications and default settings.