[Willing to Pay] BD Mails Mod Needed

Discussion in 'Other' started by semprot, Jul 8, 2017.

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    I am willing to pay to make this mod implemented whether without UI (hardcode modification) or with UI.
    I want BD Mails to be able to choose "transport" depends on what email is sent.

    For example :
    For registration : Use default (internal mail server).
    For sending PM notification : use mailgun

    Because i met a dead end in :
    class bdMails_Helper_Transport
        public static function 
    $transport null;
    $providerName bdMails_Option::get('provider''name');

            if (!empty(
    $providerName)) {
    $providerConfig bdMails_Option::get('provider'$providerName);

                try {
    $transport bdMails_Helper_Transport::getTransportForProvider($providerName$providerConfig);
                } catch (
    XenForo_Exception $e) {
    XenForo_Error::logException($efalse'[bd] Mails: ');

            if (!empty(
    $transport)) {

    The transport does not seem to be changeable easily.

    Why i want to do this?
    Because on registration there is chance that users use random email, thus increasing bounce rate.
    I don't want my paid provider (like sendgrid or such) to have high bounce rate.
    I want to use paid provider only in user with 99% valid emails.
  2. semprot

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    Also if before sending email, there is option to do verification by kickbox.io (or such), that would be great.
  3. xfrocks

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    Do you need customized transport for registration only or other email types too? Regarding email verification, probably that's not fit within this add-on...
    1. semprot

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      semprot @xfrocks I personally only need customized transport for registration only.
    2. xfrocks

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      xfrocks @semprot For your purpose, I think registration only should make sense.
      Also, people usually uses email provider for deliverability. If you switch to use your own server, that kind of defeat the point I think? It may make it hard to people to register on your site...
    3. semprot

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      semprot @xfrocks I plan to use mailgun for registration, and my own server for send other kind of emails (contact us, thread reply notification, etc)
  4. xfrocks

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    Hi there,

    It's still unclear for me whether it's a good idea to split mail traffic like that but we can add a new configuration method to limit [bd] Mails provider to work with some specified email (e.g. registration). The estimated time and cost for this addition is 1 week / $100. After completion, you will receive a new version of [bd] Mails for your usage only. The new feature won't be released to anyone else for at least 3 months. Payment must be made via PayPal.

    Thank you.
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