IPN warning after XF2 upgrade

Discussion in '[bd] Paygates' started by alfa1, Oct 24, 2018.

  1. alfa1

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    I am getting warnings from paypal:
    IPNs sent to the following URL(s) are failing: /bdpaygate/callback.php?p=paypal

    The problem with this is that PayPal will disable IPN notifications after a few of these and XenForo account upgrades will no longer work.

    needs to be redirected to:

    If this is redirected then will the default XF function be able to process the same IPN?
  2. xfrocks

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    Oh no. It won't work. Redirect alone can't fix this.
  3. alfa1

    alfa1 Active Member

    How can this be fixed?
    It seems to me that everyone who upgrades from PayGates to XF2 will have this problem.
  4. xfrocks

    xfrocks XenForo rocks!
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    That is correct. I will put a note in the add-on info right now.

    Regarding fix, probably a small script should be enough. We are testing and will release it soon. Is it possible to test the script on your XF2 site?
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  5. alfa1

    alfa1 Active Member

    Yes, I can test it.