Stripe Warning: Integration Not PCI Compliant. ACTION NEEDED

Discussion in '[bd] Paygates' started by alfa1, Feb 25, 2018.

  1. alfa1

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    I have this warning in my Stripe account:

    PCI compliance. ACTION NEEDED

    All users who accept cards need to validate PCI compliance annually. Learn more about PCI compliance.

    Consider upgrading your integration
    We strongly recommend that you exclusively use Checkout, Stripe Elements, one of our mobile libraries, or a PCI compliant platform in order to minimize your PCI scope. If you upgrade, Stripe can pre-fill your PCI documentation for you. If you prefer to keep your current setup, you'll need to provide documentation in the next step.
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    Hi there,

    Other than the links included in your message, is there anything else on the warning?
  3. alfa1

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    No, that's the full information.
    Stripe recently became a VISA partner and changed their terms as well. So I think this may be related to the PCI Compliance VISA demands.