[bd] API for XenForo 2.0 2.2.0 Beta 1

Power up your XenForo installation.

  1. Stability update


    • Add support for GET `/threads/:id/navigation`
    • Add support for POST `/search/resources`
    • Add support for `Api-Bb-Code-Chr` header
    • Allow POST `/search/xxx` to handle `user_id` only request
    • Include `forum` in thread data
    • Include stickied threads on top of the GET /threads?forum_id=xxx
    • Include required externals in bb code HTML
    • Restore missing attachment fields: attachment_height, attachment_is_inserted, attachment_width
    • Include `content_type` and `content_id` in prepared search result data
    • Fix attachment `src` being rendered in html
    • Fix batch job exception shorts circuit the entire batch
    • Initialize `api.server` early to avoid conflict with XLink add-on
    • Update `leage/oauth2-server@4.1.7` to fix `Authorization` header check
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