[bd] Keyword Alert for XenForo 1 1.1.3 Beta 1

Keep track of important matters.

  1. Minor update

    PHP 7.2 compatibility
  2. Bug fix

    This release fix an issue with odd permission structure to make sure no notification is sent out for protected forums.
  3. Bug fix

    This update fixes an issue with the cron running when there is no items queued. The bug itself does not affect add-on operation but it triggers server error log entries which is quite annoying.
  4. Maintenance Update

    This update includes fix to prevent contents from protected area to be sent to the wrong user. It also has a few minor features (send alert, look in thread title).
  5. Bug fixes

    • Dropped support for XenForo 1.1 and older
    • Improved performance
    • Fixed bug sending information about posts in forum without permissions
  6. Bug fix

    Included template fix to avoid warning messages