[bd] Push Notification 2.1.1b

Mobile push notification with Pushover and Pushbullet

  1. Maintenance update

    Fixed a bug with Pushbullet API when the push cannot be sent.
  2. Now with conversation notification!

    • Added support for Conversation (still push without alert)
    • Improved Pushbullet push for iPhone app display
    • Improved first time setup experience for Pushbullet with welcome message
  3. Now supports Pushbullet!

    This update brings Pushbullet support for broader support and lower cost for webmaster. Pushbullet application can be installed on Android and iOS, completely free! And even more awesome, extensions are available for Google Chrome and Firefox with Safari coming soon. Is that enough? Nope. Pushbullet has application for Windows 8 too, with more on the way.

    You may ask, what is the cost to webmaster... The answer is a big ZERO. The platform is completely free (for now) for both users and...
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  4. Feature update

    • 1.0.3/a Added support for sound
    • 1.0.3/b Added support for priority
    • 1.0.3/c Added queue dismissal when alert is marked as read
    • 1.0.3/d Improved user key security
    • 1.0.3/e Improved installer
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  5. Buf fix

    Added fix for alert from guest
  6. Feature update

    • 1.0.1/a Added welcome message after association
    • 1.0.1/b Added title for alert messages
    • 1.0.1/c Added mark as read for link
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