[bd] Tag Me for XenForo 1.2 2.0.1

Tag all the things!

  1. xfrocks
    This resource is provided as a legacy support for [bd] Tag Me for XenForo 1.2.

    As of Xenforo 1.2, tagging users is a part of XenForo built-in functionalities and this add-on adds the following features:

    1. Tagging in profile posts, profile post comments.
    2. Tag many users at once with @user_group syntax.
    3. Tagged users will receive alerts and emails (user configurable)

    *. This version of the add-on DOES NOT support XenForo 1.1.* and below.
    1. Upload files/directories under `upload` to your XenForo's root
    2. Import add-on xml
    3. Start tagging!
    4. Configure user group permission: "[Tag Me] Tag group"

Recent Reviews

  1. CountRock
    Version: 2.0.1
    work great for small groups. Haven't tried for larger ones