[ChipXF] Remote Image Upload 1.3.13

Remote upload images to Imgur, Imageshack, Picasa, Flickr, Postimage

  1. chipxf
    For get support quickly, please purchase the add-on on author's site: http://ptcong.com/?p=23

    Why use Remote Image Upload ?

    • Your hosting storage is small, can't storage more attachments.
    • You don’t want to storage more files on your hosting/ server.
    • Troubles when backup many images files.
    • Reduce billing for storage, bandwidth on your server.
    • Cost for image hosting services is very cheap (~$20~ for 1 year with a huge space and bandwidth)

    This add-on providers a remote image upload/ transload form when you create a new Thread, or in Quick Reply. It's easy way to upload, use an image on your forum posts

    • Provides a form to upload multiple images/ transload image urls to Imgur/ Imageshack/ Picasa/ Flickr very easy.
    • Option add watermark to images.
      • You may set position to watermark.
      • You may set file to watermark.
    • Option allows user choose a size to resize images or force all images resize with a size.
      • You may set sizes to allows user can choose.
    • Option enable for User Groups.
    • Option enable for Create new thread/ Quick Reply/ both.
    • Option enable modes (upload/ transload).
    • Option enable uploader services (one or more)
    • Option allows file types to upload.
    • Option limit max file size to upload.
    • Insert one image/ all images after uploaded.
    • Use queue upload/ transload.
    • Easy to add, remove images on queue.
    • XenForo 1.2, 1.3 or newer
    How to get it ?
    • You may get it in this website (xfrocks.com)
    • Get from author's website and get update easier



    See here: http://xenforo.com/community/resources/chipxf-remote-image-upload.3107/

    P/s: Thanks to xfrocks for help me sales this add-on on the site.
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