WordPress Plugin: XenForo API Consumer 1.3.6

WordPress and XenForo, together.

  1. Bug fixes

    • Add support for `add_user_role`
    • Improve support for WooCommerce
    • Fix `create_function` deprecation
    • Fix bug: not working with lowercase HTTP header key
  2. Minor update

    • Added manual sync for WordPress post while editing
    • Added option to sync user on new XenForo registration
    • Improved user sync
    • Improved comment sync
    • Improved XenForo forum list (respect display order)
    • Improved performance
  3. Minor Update

    • Improved profile management
    • Added support for search indexing in XenForo
    • Added option to control curl connections
  4. First major upgrade with new features!

    • Added two way post / comment sync
    • Added user group sync
    • Added support for membership plugins: s2member, MemberPress, Paid Membership Pro
    • Added Dashboard feature: connect / disconnect user accounts when edit user
    • Added Dashboard tool: auto associate existing WordPress accounts with XenForo’s
    • Improved user sync
    • Improved cookie sync
    • Improved options page UX
    • Bug fixes
  5. New features

    • Added options to control how posts are pushed to XenForo
    • Added options to improve seamless login
    • Improved notification and conversation bubbles
    • Improved option explain text
    • Bug fixes


    1. Screen Shot 2014-03-11 at 3.12.12 PM.png