Clustering, Caching, CDN & Remote Server Stuff...

Discussion in 'Chatting' started by xydrine, Aug 5, 2017.

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    So @xfrocks is probably my #1 fan of addons for XF due to the performance/HA-related addons you guys develop.

    Performance to me is insanely important - obsessively. I can't stop optimizing, ever. It's really getting to be a problem, lol... I think I need optimizers anonymous.

    I'm currently setting up my site's new XF infrastructure on individual VPS nodes from VULTR combined with some powerful dedicated servers at OVH. The VULTR nodes are pretty much going to act like my own private little CDN, but since I have control over them, I can go a bit further as far as dynamic content goes...

    Right now the VULTR nodes are just reverse caching with litespeed (QUIC enabled) to fulfill the role of a CDN.

    I've been thinking about having each node do their own PHP processing, keeping the nodes synced with GlusterFS (or similar) to handle all the bulk data like attachments, avatars, js, css, etc... and MariaDB Galera (or similar) to run the database system.

    I'm curious as to what any of you guys have either tried, currently implement, or theorized when it comes to a cluster-style XF deployment. I'll definitely keep you all in the loop if I decide to try something crazy as well :).