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    I just installed xenForo with the UI.X theme and also installed the widget framework with the additional bdImage addon. The widget framework works fine. But none of the bdImage's are rendering - these are just empty. Is there a special trick?
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    Spent a whole day now to solve this problem and couln't find any solutions :( Would be great if you could help @fxrocks !
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    How did you configure the [bd] Image add-on in its options page? Have you checked the server error log? Also, try copy image link and open it in new tab and see if there is any error show up.
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    Hey, thanks for your reply! :)

    The widget is now rendering (don't know what I changed, I think it was something about the cache?) but the images are still blank / missing. The URL is

    Here are my current options - nothing special:
    Bildschirmfoto 2015-05-09 um 08.29.09.png

    A (missing / not working) image-link looks like:

    Also, no sever errors have been logged.

    I only have three add-ons installed: Widget Framework, dbImage, and the UI.X theme. dbImage isn't working with the default style neither.

    On the server: The picture-file is there, but has zero bytes?
    Bildschirmfoto 2015-05-09 um 11.24.36.png
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    Please delete the directory data/bdImage/cache and try again. If the file is zero byte, there should be error logged.
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    Sorry - I had to deactivate the add-ons for testing purposes. It's activated again now. Still not working. I appreciate your help! :)
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    May I have FTP access to the site please?
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    Hi @xfrocks
    i have the same problem: the thread link works correctly, but the tumbnails not shows :(
    XenFoto 1.4.6 and bd Image 1.0.3

    bdimage.jpg bdimage1.jpg
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    Hey xfrocks, i've sent you the ftp-access infos via pn. Looking forward for your help!
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    Hey xfrocks, is the new beta solving the problem? :)