Assigned Conditional not applying properly to third party renderers

Discussion in '[bd] Widget Framework' started by imthebest, Dec 5, 2017.

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    Version: 2.6.3-BETA22
    PHP: 7.2

    It seems that the "Conditional" block isn't being applied properly for third party renderers. Let me explain: I'm using the Sportsbook add-on which comes with 4 renderers, I'm using specifically the "Sportsbook: Tabbed Events" renderer with Position set as forum_list. I have added to the "Conditional" textbox the following:


    Yet the block is still being displayed when browsing from mobile.

    The same happens if it define the Conditional to {$visitorIsBrowsingWithMobile}. In that case, the widget is being displayed even for desktop users (when according to the conditional it should not be).

    This problem IS NOT present with the stock renderers, it seems to happen only with third party renderers.

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    It's possible the renderer is doing something weird and skipped the conditionals check. Since it's a paid add-on, I can't take a look into its source, can you send me the source files (.php files) of the widget renderers?