Last post date instead of thread creation date

Discussion in '[bd] Widget Framework' started by imthebest, Nov 3, 2017.

  1. imthebest

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    Version: 2.6.3
    Renderer: Threads
    Widget Type: New Posts (use first poster avatar)
    Layout: Default

    This is listing threads showing their creation date instead of their last post date. Since the widget type is "New Posts (use first poster avatar)", I think that it should display the last post date and not the thread creation date.

    How I can change this behavior?

  2. xfrocks

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    Sorry for the late response, you can edit the template wf_widget_threads. Basically it only change the 2nd line of the widget item for recent / latest_replies / most_replied / and most_liked. All other types use the same line with the thread post_date.
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  3. xfrocks

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    You can also use the custom layout and use your own template for more freedom in designing your widget.