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Discussion in '[bd] Widget Framework' started by 3rd Angle, Nov 2, 2014.

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    Hi @xfrocks

    I keep coming here to check your response to my Attachment store issues... so this is what i do when i spend too much time on addon developers forum...

    A suggestion... yes :D

    Please consider these two types of widget to make the framework a portal solution... i am reposting the suggestion here

    I envision this as a modded thread list view of the usual forum.. although others might have different point of view.. If only the Recenthreads widgets and blocks in [bd] Widget Framework could be modded in this way..

    Resource and add-on discussions

    Non-release-related resource and add-on discussions. Covers things such as general suggestion/feedback gathering, sneak peaks and early previews, and general discussion about the state of the...

    Recenthreads-1.jpg Recenthreads-Grid1.jpg
    @Waindigo released a thumbnail addon... you might wanna look at how he pull the image the start date, reply, views are unncessary... a snippet of the post is what's required..

    This is what such widgets can do... and portal lovers would climax (sexually) on seeing such an add-on released.. :D

  2. 3rd Angle

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    i am trying to understand how this can be achieved.... will spend some time on it... thanks for the heads up
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    Feel free to ask here or the add-on thread if you have questions.