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Discussion in '[bd] Widget Framework' started by Robert9, May 9, 2017.

  1. Robert9

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    Hi all,
    I need something like this:

    I make a new widget-page; i set the rights to show it only to the admin.
    Now i would like to have just a form and one field for get an userid. After sending i want to show a link or better come to a normal page with the id i have put in.

    Enter userid: [ ] [SEND]


    Link to profil [Input]

    Can i do this without and big work?
    I dont need any query or something, just an easy way to come to a profile page for dummies.
    (instead using the browser to add the id)
  2. xfrocks

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    Probably no easy way. At least you need some js to handle the form and make the redirection.