Resolved Revoked Admin Account Rights - Unable to Reconnect

Discussion in 'WordPress' started by therealrutledge, Feb 10, 2017.

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  1. therealrutledge

    therealrutledge New Member

    I'm working on connecting [bd] API and Xenforo Consumer API together. I originally got it working, but realized I connected my personal wordpress account (Admin) to the admin account on xenforo - so I removed the client access on XF to try and re-associate it.

    Now I can't get the plugin to a) enable the admin account & b) associate my XF admin account to my wordpress account.

    Any thoughts on how to fix? I've uninstalled the WP plugin, but it keeps retaining settings on install!
  2. xfrocks

    xfrocks XenForo rocks!
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    What did it say when you try to reconnect?
    1. therealrutledge

      therealrutledge New Member

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      therealrutledge @xfrocks When I click on "Click here to configure Admin Account" under "User & Role" - it just redirects me to "API Configuration"

      Additionally, the plugin only allows me to use, won't let me add the https:// or it loses all tabs on the top. (Edit: This is fixed - it was an SSL cert issue)

      Additionally below API Root it says: "Required Module search/indexing not found. Reload API Info" Reloading has no effect.
  3. therealrutledge

    therealrutledge New Member

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    OK, I got the Error fixed by following the FAQ

    I'm still unable to associate a new admin account. Enabling "admin (your associated account)" throws an error that says "XenForo Admin Account connection is interrupted. Please Update Bridge Options." Clicking that link just refreshes the page - unable to authenticate new account.

    I just need the account linked so I can make groups work correctly :)
  4. therealrutledge

    therealrutledge New Member

    Still stuck on this - I've uninstalled Plugin, wiped from our DB, and yet it still holds the settings.

    Really need the groups / admin part to be working so that I can get groups and user sync working correctly.

    Any suggestions?
  5. therealrutledge

    therealrutledge New Member

    Ended up getting this resolved by installing the newest version of WP Plugin.
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