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Discussion in 'WordPress' started by therealrutledge, Oct 31, 2017.

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  1. therealrutledge

    therealrutledge New Member

    When clicking "Click here to configure Admin Account." in Plugin Settings under Users&Groups, page just refreshes and goes back to "API Configuration" tab.

    I had clicked it before, but it wanted to link to a test user I had been logged into - logged out and into the correct admin account for syncing, and now it's doing this.

    How can I fix so I can sync my groups? Really need to get this up and running!
  2. therealrutledge

    therealrutledge New Member

    Fixed it!

    Logged into my server via SSH and restarted PHP-fpm, mariadb, and nginx - voila, working!
    1. xfrocks

      xfrocks XenForo rocks!
      Staff Member

      xfrocks @therealrutledge That's... weird.

      Next time, if you happen to get stuck again. Please consider enabling Google Chrome's Network developer panel, choose to preserve log and click the link. The panel will keep track of all redirection (HTTP 3xx requests), sending me those requests may be helpful ;)
    2. therealrutledge

      therealrutledge New Member

      therealrutledge @xfrocks Gotcha - can do!