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    i upgraded Trophy Extension as because when adding a medal to a trophy i got the error "Medal must belong to a category.", followed the advice here:

    Now the error is solved, i added successfully a medal to a trophy. Unfortunately all medals are now shown incorrectly, they are stretched:

    What could be the problem and hopefully this is fixable. We can't deploy automatically granted medals the the medals on our production site will be broken.

    I just paid 29$ for a new license as we didn't have the install file nor no one anymore knew id's for this site, so i hope i didn't waste my money ;)

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    The medals are stretched randomly? I saw in your screenshots, the one of the left was stretched vertically while the one of the right horizontally?
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      PRTA @xfrocks Sorry, i forgot to clarify that the medals in left image are stretched, on our test site, the ones in image on right are how they should be, on our production site.

      I'm going to reset our test site to ensure this is not caused my something else.
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    Okay. I cloned our production site to test site.

    When adding a medal to a trophy i got the error "Medal must belong to a category."

    Upgraded Trophy Extension 0.9.2.

    Added medal successfully.

    No medal shown :/

    Edit: I just forgot that i should rebuild trophy cache.

    Case closed.
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